December 7, 2010

Tim Barber

What can I say about Tim Barber? I started my photography blog right after I saw his tinyvices site for the first time. Not only was I blown away by his eye for curating current photographers, but also by his own work. I have a theory that any photographer attached to Tim Barber (or Ryan McGinley and Dash Snow for that matter) in some way, whether in a group show or featured on tinyvices, should technically have no problem 'making it' in the New York art scene (arguably the scene). Although his subjects are all New York socialites, designers and artists alike of today, which naturally makes each piece instantly more publicly appealing, Barber's aesthetic must be applauded. Is it the west coast aesthetic that I love coming through in NYC? (Barber studied photography in Vancouver and now lives and works in New York..) It is the beauty captured in the moment of his subjects coupled with blurred natural surroundings that I appreciate most. Then again, his work has so much variety that contradicts this aesthetic appeal. Perhaps I like his variation in style. Or maybe it's just because everything that these photographers touch, turns to gold.  &