May 8, 2010

Ryan McGinley

I saw Ryan McGinley's Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere opening show recently in New York. It was an amazing event. I honestly think that it was a historical art event. Hundreds and hundreds of young art lovers, collectors, artists, socialites, and hipsters alike drank in the street, while the rest tried to push their way into the tiny gallery. The street was packed with people waiting to get a glimpse of the top young photographer's latest endeavours. Cameras were flashing. People were laughing and chatting over beers. Everyone was in awe of his nude portraits of friends, models, and socialites hanging up on the white walls. He had a couple massive photographs from his Moonmilk collection. Knowing me, those were my favourites.... here are some.

The images below represents photographs that are typical of Ryan's style. Of course, I picked my favourites as usual. A lot of his work are of young nudes in mid-fall either into water, off rolling hills, into sand dunes, or in mid-air. I love any of his photographs with fireworks. There are some absolutely amazing images of fireworks going off under the water... I'll have to search for them... too many hours of  staring at Ryan's photographs have me misplacing images...

All of these images are from his website @

PS. Click HERE to check out a random McGinley VMag interview.

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