April 28, 2011

Jess Gough

"I was thinking about this the other day actually because I found some pictures that I took when I was a kid. There wasn’t any definitive point when I got into [photography], just a growth in enthusiasm. When I was younger it was a tool to set down memories which is pretty much what I still do now. But then inevitably as I’ve become more obsessed with it I’ve also become more theoretical – not for the sake of putting some bullshit words behind an image, but because I began to realise why I was taking photos and what it did for me. That in turn opened up whole new sources of fascination. That’s the thing; I’m just fascinated by it. Every element." - Jess Gough in an Interview with Rebel Magazine.

Why do you choose film over digital? - Rebel Mag
"It’s real. It’s not abstract little translations of light onto a electronic screen. Too much is like that these days. It scares me how intangible so much stuff is and how it could just be like BOOM, gone forever. I also really like the aesthetic qualities that come with it- that’s why I switched in the first place, not because of some torturous personal ideology that I felt I needed to cater to." - well put..


April 19, 2011

Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur

I could spend hours looking through Sylvain-Emmanuel's photographs. They are an aesthetically perfect match for my taste in photography. I actually painted a night sky with fireworks exploding across the canvas yesterday, that is based on this work. 
I blogged last year about Prieur, but decided that it needed to be brought back into the limelight for the coming of summer, so here it is. Enjoy. 


April 7, 2011

Adeline Mai

I am sure that you can tell that Adeline Mai encompasses every aspect of matter and aesthetic that I look for in photography recently. Some underwater photographers steer too close to commercial photography for my personal liking, however, Adeline Mai -- along with James Copper -- have more of an artistic aesthetic in their work.. I agree, it's a thin line that is a bit blurry. Underwater Ryan McGinley jump perhaps?