October 13, 2011

№49 by Sam Milbrath

A collection of my 35mm expired slide film & vintage black & white film from Paris, France. Check out more at ANOTHER9.

September 7, 2011

№47 A Short by Sam Milbrath

The Lawns of Attraction

by Sam Milbrath

Tonight is a hot summery evening, so we took the liberty of dining on the cool floors of my studio. Neither of us is wearing much beyond our undergarments. The straps of her black slip fall slowly off her warm skin as she thoughtlessly plays with her hair. She smiles at me coyly with her eyes. She knows that I will give her what she wants eventually, but I like to take my time with her. It becomes all too easy if it were any other way.

I take a sip of my deep red wine and stare at her past the stem of the glass. Swirling the flavours around in my mouth, I close my eyes and enjoy the moment of power. I don’t naturally gravitate toward playing games, but I realized that the balance had shifted in my favour. I place my glass on the white hardwood floors. She pouts and crawls closer. I give in a little by gently brushing her hair aside and kissing her collarbone with my wine glossed lips. Smiling slightly, she tilts her head back, until I pull away to reach for my fork on the floor.

I stab a piece of juicy red steak and swirl it around in the french dijon. The condiment blobs on my plate remind me of my palette. I think of a great painting that I have yet to realize in my mind. She is my muse. Yet, she is my greatest distraction. I think of how much time I’ve wasted in pleasing her. I panic over lost time. Chewing this steak seems to take a lifetime until I finally swallow it. I slam the rest of my wine in an attempt to wash away the bitter feeling.

I look at her. She seems momentarily concerned with my wandering thoughts that are written clearly across my brow. Shaking her curiousity, she reaches for her smokes. I’ve lost her attention. I grab my matches and give her fire. She looks old for a moment in the flames and then exhales, smiling. I say ‘I love you’ in my mind, but merely smile back.

For a brief moment in my distraction she wanted me. Now, hidden behind billows of slowly rising smoke, she has replaced her shield against me. She knows that I will give her what she wants eventually, but I like to take my time with her. It becomes all too easy if it were any other way. 

July 21, 2011

July 9, 2011

Eliot Lee Hazel

Eliot Lee Hazel captures the most fantastical and amazingly artistic photographs out there. If I were in a sweet hipster band, I'd want my album art to look just like these. 


July 6, 2011

Christopher Schreck

I came across Christopher Schreck's work months ago while browsing a photography collective's site. Why I didn't post any of his work right away is beyond me. Sometimes photography like this has to settle in slowly in order to allow our pride to move aside. As a photographer myself, I consider Schreck's work to be one of many pinnacles in the direction I hope my colour photography goes. His bright optimism in nature and the inanimate projects the perfect tie-died aesthetic for summer. This makes me regret taping the back of my film cameras to prevent colourful light-leaks. 

Check out his work at WISE UP, on his website, or on flickr.

June 26, 2011

Balarama Heller

"Balarama Heller is a documentary photographer specializing in human rights, post conflict reconstruction, ethnography and labor. Covering areas from the U.S. to Eastern Europe to the Middle East, Heller creates in-depth photo essays for NGOs, publications and exhibitions." - Milk Made Live @ The Standard Hotel NY - Balarama Heller in collaboration with Tim Barber, Reza Nader, Asger Carlsen and Martin Hyers & William Mebane.

It doesn't get much better than this.