December 15, 2010

Lincoln Clarkes

"Within a five-year period, beginning in 1996, Lincoln Clarkes shot four hundred different photographs of women with drug addictions in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The project began when Clarkes took a picture of his long-time friend, Leah, “shootingup” against the backdrop of a Calvin Klein billboard starring Kate Moss in the autumn of that year."- Paul Ugor in his essay Heroines Essay: Lincoln Clarkes, Photography, and the Women of Downtown Eastside Vancouver.
 Clarkes' photography portrays women in several different social situations. Not only does his photography of the 80s and 90s portray women on drugs in the streets, but it also sheds light on high society, namely the rich and famous. Everyday life for people in different economic and social situations varies drastically in Clarkes photographs. Through his eyes, there is disorder and deterioration everywhere. Money equals happiness for most of these people (hence his worldwide green eyes website). Additionally, Clarkes graveyard photographs may represent a commentary on the blurring distinction between life and death for some people. 

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