May 30, 2010

Wolfgang Tillmans

After endless days of browsing hundreds of Wolfgang Tillmans' photographs, I narrowed his diverse collection of work down to four images. This post will likely be altered many times before I am satisfied. Tillmans' work is most powerful and affecting in exhibition and book form; therefore, out of context, his photographs seem to have a discontinuity as a whole collection. However, in installation form, Tillmans "has used not only the content but also the traditions of arranging vernacular photography to assert informal imagery as art (Penny Martin, Shoot- Photography of the Moment by Ken Miller)."

Wolfgang Tillman's installation archive is the perfect example of how different a photograph can look hung up against the white walls of a gallery. I love the white cleanliness of contemporary galleries. It's like fresh laundry.
Checkout Tillman's newest collections and website @
Images from Christie's Art Auction, Artnet, Andrea Rosen Gallery, and Dateline Jewish Art Museum Online

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