April 28, 2011

Jess Gough

"I was thinking about this the other day actually because I found some pictures that I took when I was a kid. There wasn’t any definitive point when I got into [photography], just a growth in enthusiasm. When I was younger it was a tool to set down memories which is pretty much what I still do now. But then inevitably as I’ve become more obsessed with it I’ve also become more theoretical – not for the sake of putting some bullshit words behind an image, but because I began to realise why I was taking photos and what it did for me. That in turn opened up whole new sources of fascination. That’s the thing; I’m just fascinated by it. Every element." - Jess Gough in an Interview with Rebel Magazine.

Why do you choose film over digital? - Rebel Mag
"It’s real. It’s not abstract little translations of light onto a electronic screen. Too much is like that these days. It scares me how intangible so much stuff is and how it could just be like BOOM, gone forever. I also really like the aesthetic qualities that come with it- that’s why I switched in the first place, not because of some torturous personal ideology that I felt I needed to cater to." - well put..


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