November 24, 2010

Jason Evans

Jason Evans' work is lighthearted and unpretentious. Most of his ad-looking photoshoots actually made me laugh, which is fairly rare for me with most photographers.  Evans mixes up his style of photography, between a double exposed black and white series, brightly lit still-lifes, and classic commercial photographs each with a humourous twist. Despite this mix-up of styles, Evans impressively maintains a similar aesthetic among all of his work. To me, this aesthetic is the hint of playfulness in each piece. In most cases I find humour in his subject matter and unusual portrayal of everyday mundane objects, such as hanging laundry, or religiously completing daily newspaper word puzzles. 
Evans' relaxed portrayal of his work is similar to many contemporary photographers today, because of how they take their subjects out of their comfort zones in each shot. Similar to Terry Richardson, say, the subjects are put into positions where they can act out of character and play a bit. This type of photography is relaxed and less awkward than commercial poses. In regards to Terry Richardson, I think that his subjects just naturally do things out of the ordinary for his photographs, without him having to direct much at all. Fame and familiarity with his style are key for this. For Evans, it seems slightly more planned by the photographer, but his subjects probably know to play up their role in each photograph as well. 
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