November 2, 2010

David Benjamin Sherry

Its all very scientific looking. I wonder if I am drawn to Sherry's work because of this. Throughout all of my education, I thought that I wanted to be in science somehow. At first it was a doctor, then a volcanologist, and then a oceanographer.. What happened? I guess I got lost in the chemistry of science. Literally, the chemistry aspect. Molecules and how they rotate amongst eachother doesn't interest me as much anymore. All of these images below do bring back some form of science memories though. Whether refracting and reflecting light through prisms in physics labs, growing stalagmites and stalagtites on strings in chemistry class, or playing with sparklers and electric plasma balls in the dark... science reminds me of my youth in many ways.
The lighting on the cave photograph is very Ryan McGinley. I wonder who started the fad. Most of David's work is sexual, whether obvious in form, or more subtle in title. As curator, I decided not to use those for no reason besides wanting to show these. Even here you could stretch your sexual imagination and say that the caves are very phallic-like, the three points of a triangle represent women sexually, and the sparklers show explosions of energy and light...I suppose that was not so difficult. 
So, scientific and subtly sexual then.  

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