May 24, 2010

Philip-Lorca diCorcia

Tableau photography presents an entire narrative, however complex, often in a single shot. Thus, the artistic process prior to taking the actual photograph, is equally as important as the end product. Such is the case for American photographer, Philip-Lorca diCorcia. His narratives are mostly comprised of simple portraits or scenes that leave much to the imagination of the viewer. The lighting and shadows emulate film sets where movement of actors is implied, but captured at the specific moment. The combination of natural and artificial lighting of the subjects create suspense and drama within each image. The titles of diCorcia's Hollywood series tell you the name of the person, age, where he/she was born, and how much diCorcia paid them to pose on the street. Because of this formality, the narrative and thoughts surrounding each scene is rather ambiguous.

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Images from artnet

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