January 11, 2012

David Zilber: His Ideal Photography Show

Zilber on his UPCOMING NYC Show:

Months ago, I volunteered to do an interview for a photoblog of original and featured content by the name of On White Walls for Sam Milbrath. We’ve since become friends, though she’s in Toronto, and I’m in Vancouver.
One question she posed was: if you were to be curated into your personal ideal photography exhibition, which 5 other photographers would you want to be displayed with? Would there be a theme to the show? 
David Brandon Geeting was googling himself one day, and came across this interview. On a ‘primitive gut feeling’ he contacted me right away with a proposition, to make the show a reality. Over months and through strings of emails back and forth, in a very roundabout way, the idea became a photographically rich and fleshed out conversation. With Dave Geeting doing all the leg work in NY, he finally found a gallery that was into what the six of us had to offer. 7 months ago I never would have thought I’d be flying to New York to do a group show alongside the artists working today whom I truly admire. But it turns out (and I believe it), that if you do good works, good things’ll follow. 
Opening Reception January 19th 6-9 pm
Aurelien Arbet
Jeremie Egry
David Brandon Geeting
Nicholas Gottlund
Bruno Zhu
David Zilber

208 E. 7th Street WEST STOREFRONT, NYC, NY 10009

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  1. couldn´t believe my eyes when I saw the list of artists. can not wait. + nice to hear the background story too