May 22, 2011

Aëla Labbé

I came across this French photographer a few days ago and have been tirelessly narrowing her work down ever since. I specifically chose these photographs because they portray a perfect balance between the eerie, magical, and wonderful. The children's flowing dresses and bare naked backs covered by long tangled hair, have an strange and fantastical, yet timeless effect on the audience. Her photographs are both current with popular aesthetic trends, but also cater to past imagery, making it difficult to gage the age of each photograph. 
“To create and to share my vision is a need and a goal after which I go unwaveringly. Inspiration overwhelms me ceaselessly – day…and night! My work is made up of my memories, my emotions, my hopes, my thoughts, and my inner turbulences. There is a certain wistfulness about it – a shroud of reverie perhaps” - Aëla Labbé 
 Images from flickr.

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