March 17, 2011

№35 by Sam Milbrath


  1. these are very beautiful motifs and wonderfully chosen but... the exposure time, stance and lighting make them seem more like mobile-phone pictures than anything resembling art. Sorry :/

    nature and engineering gave you wonderful pictures, do invest in a better camera or in a photography lesson to make it into art. It does seem like you have an eye for the right moment, it's just all kind of lacking technique.

    Except of course if this is supposed to be intentional. In which case it would break loose a whole other avalanche of "Art is what an artist does" discussions. Where quite frankly I'm on the side of "not everything an artist does is art".

  2. Hey thanks for your comment; I really appreciate your feedback!
    I do, however, intentionally shoot my photographs with sunspots, blurred areas, awkward crops and shadows, and other "aesthetically incorrect" features. If "everyone is a photographer" these days, why not break free from what is considered the "proper techniques" of photography to set yourself apart and experiment a bit?
    Ironically, there was a recent "avant-garde photography" show in New York, that actually featured the work of a photographer who shot with his camera phone. It was popular because it was controversial.. but, maybe it's not for everyone.. That is the beauty, however, of all things subjective.. :)