October 26, 2010

Richard Billingham

"It's not my intention to shock, to offend, sensationalize, be political or whatever, only to make work that is as spiritually meaningful as I can make it - in all these photographs I never bothered with things like the negatives. Some of them got marked and scratched. I just used the cheapest film and took them to be processed at the cheapest place. 
I was just trying to make order out of chaos." - Richard Billingham

Richard Billingham's work features the trials and tribulations of his dysfunctional family. It is a rare occasion to see Richard's parents receiving each other on kind terms.. in the majority of the photographs, they are yelling at one another or experiencing the effects of substance abuse..

Images from Sotheby's, www.kunstmuseum-wolfsburg.de, and squidgemag.com.

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