September 14, 2010

Robert Frank

Is it better to be concise and brief when it comes to Robert Frank? Most articles on his world renowned photography begin by stating that his The Americans collection is the single-most important photography effort of the twentieth century to capture American culture. He is also the most enigmatic. I personally have come across several photographers that fall into that "defining the American Dream category". Arguably, his 1950s Americans collection was impenetrable for several decades. 
It is hard to judge from my cultural position. Now, street photography is the norm. We have discovered our place within time and learned to capture the moment properly. Maybe pop culture has pioneer photographers like Robert Frank to thank? I wonder if it is easier to connect with photography of the 1950s and 60s lately because of the vintage revival sweeping through our streets and photographs? Add some colour and we have ourselves a William Eggleston or Bill Owens image... 

Who am I to judge though?? Robert Frank does make America look appealing.

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Images from Square Cylinder

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  1. I especially appreciate Peter Granser (hilarious/foreboding) but this Gilbert Garcin...his photos are simply beautiful. planting giant grasses...and the crumpled face...genius. These Robert Frank shots are pretty historically epic too. You get the feeling those kids had too much sugar. Thoughtful choices