June 28, 2010

Ali Bosworth

The natural essence of the photograph is often lost in cities overwhelmed with stimuli. Smaller towns, such as Ali Bosworth's (and my own) hometown of Victoria BC, often provide more artistic inspiration as it forces us to really look at our surroundings. Bosworth uses Vancouver Island's natural beauty to its fullest potential both standing on its own, and as an artistic framework to portray various subjects, including his girlfriend in various wonderful vintage dresses. 
Ironically, much of Bosworth's work was captured in parts of the world where most photographers would be overwhelmed with the amount of new content. I appreciate his ability to remain consistent in unknown countries. I like the arid whiteness of his Cappadocia album and his consistency with photographing dry grass and crumbling rock. 

Check out his interview with zero1magazine here
Images from his website @ www.alibosworth.com and flickr.

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