April 28, 2010

№1 by Sam Milbrath

It was a sunny afternoon when I strolled into the neighbourhood hotspot.. Value Village. I grabbed the best looking beat-up shopping cart out of the bunch, threw my oversized french faux fur coat and tattered bag into the back and steered my way down the main aisle. To my left are old t-shirts and tanks, where the smalls act today as crop-tops and the larges as belted dresses or oversized tanks. To my right are rows and rows of battered old dishes and tea cups. Just beyond them are old Betty & Veronica comic books or creased pages of Harlequin romance novels from the nineties. Hidden in this perfect chaos is a small shelf packed with point-and-shoot cameras discarded with the nineties. I could spend hours looking through the different lenses to see if I can tell what the effect on the image will be.
I bought an old minolta along with a tea cup set and a couple of crop tops to match the spring in my step. Once you start looking for the photograph...thats all you see. Its hard to pay attention to conversations when the most beautiful stormy light is looming above the city and casting a strange glow on the buildings and trees..
I developed my first roll.. I am pretty happy with the results, but I will go back today in search of another 2$ camera..
Here are a few...

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